Hi, my name is Artem. I'm a software engineer with focus on web and frontend. I'm interested in design systems, product design and automations. I usually work with React and Typescript.

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Using manual diagrams to learn new codebase

21 June, 2022

How I setup NextJS project

28 May, 2022

How to programmatically get highlights from Apple Books

20 February, 2022

When to use SVG

15 February, 2022

Use case for :has() CSS selector

2 January, 2022

How to quickly see what was merged in a timeframe (with CLI)

9 November, 2021

Rasterize HTML in Browser

2 January, 2021


Visti — RSS reader

Web based RSS reader, focused on privacy and respect of user's time.

Ranok — coffee app

Little iOS application with guides, ratio calculator and timers for brewing filter coffee at home.

Blueset — pomodoro timer

Pomodoro timer for iOS with focus on simplicity and privacy.


Designing Data Intensive Applications

Good overview on how to build reliable and scalable systems. A lot of insights about distributed systems, databases and data processing.

The Programmer's Brain

This book explains how we read, write and think about code from brain perspective. Bunch of useful practical methods to improve core coding skills.

Effective TypeScript

A lot of useful tips and tricks for writing better TypeScript code. Especially useful for migration projects from legacy JS codebase.

Practical Monitoring

Good and abstract introduction into monitoring and observability. Ideas around how to build reliable systems and how to monitor them.